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Making Labyrinths

Instructions for making temporary labyrinths
Including masking tape labyrinths. There’s so much info on this web site that it’s hard to find this. It’s listed with books for sale. View at Labyrinth Enterprises.com

Karen's World

This website includes some interesting information about making labyrinths.

Making string labyrinths including: Simplified Flaming Chalice Tarry Town Labyrinth Baltic Labyrinth 5-circuit unicursal wall labyrinth The Bridge labyrinth Ariadne’s clue.

http://www.angelfire.com/my/zelime/labyrinthsstring.html [PDF]

Small Labyrinths you can Make at Home: Includes 9 different patterns & pictures of the finished products.

http://www.angelfire.com/my/zelime/labyrinthssmall.html [PDF]

Labyrinths you can do anywhere including: snow labyrinths, sand labyrinths, labyrinth beads, and how to memorize the Chartres Labyrinth Pattern.

http://www.angelfire.com/my/zelime/labyrinthsanywhere.html [PDF]

Labyrinths in the portland area

List of Labyrinths in the Portland Area 


Virtual Labyrinth Walks

Virtual Labyrinth Walks - TLS

A variety of labyrinth walks to do on your computer.
Be sure to try this!


Gratefulness Labyrinth Pilgrimage

As you move the curser along the path, photographs and words of wisdom appear, which are always different no matter how many times you do it.

This site also includes virtual candles which you can light and liturgy of the hours.


Labyrinth LOCATOR and LNN member pages

World Wide Labyrinth Locator

LNN Member Pages

Denny Dyke - coming soon

Denny Dyke, founder of Sacred Journeys, which is dedicated to the path of the labyrinth as a means of transformation and healing, has taken labyrinth making to the sands of the Oregon coast. The intent of Circles in the Sand is to provide temporary labyrinths that everyone can enjoy and have a better understanding of them. For more information on Circles in the Sand and where and when Denny will be drawing on the beach, please go to his website: sandypathbandon.com/

“Sacred Journeys” is a professional quality video which shows Denny in the process of creating a labyrinth on the beach at Bandon, Oregon. The beautiful labyrinth brings joy to people and is then washed away by the sea. http://vimeo.com/28618448

Emmanuel Episcopal Parish of Orcas Island, WA

Emmanuel Episcopal Parish of Orcas Island, WA boasts one of the most comprehensive church websites for labyrinth enthusiasts. Discover WA. State labyrinth facts and find a wide choice of labyrinth websites, books, scriptures and activities.